Farm Bike Trailer 1800  x1220 (6'x4')


Farm Bike Trailer 1800 x1220 (6'x4')

Sturdy dependable "no frills" trailer for on farm use. No lights to break and complete with high floatation tyres. Built with Compass's dedication to quality, strength and value for money. These farm bike trailers are truly one of the strongest on the market, we know how hard they work on the farm so we build them to last. The last thing you want is to buy yourself a cheap farm bike trailer and have it fall to bits 6 months down the track; with Compass this won't happen. Our quality 5-year warranty guarantees it!

(Not a road legal trailer)

The trailer comes to you fully spec'd with:
  • 1800 x 1220mm inside deck area
  • Hot dip galvanized chassis
  • 12mm treated plywood decking
  • Tie hooks on both sides
  • Floatation tyres - superior floatation for off-road
  • Front and rear folding tailgate
  • 5 year warranty! 

Weight specifications for this Trailer:

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): 500kg
Tare Weight: 147kg
Max Load: 353kg

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