Brake Options


Brake Options

Stay legal! Don’t be caught with an overloaded, unbraked trailer.
Trailer Brakes add a whole extra dimension of safety for yourself and other road users. These are a must if you regularly tow heavy loads.  
Brakes on vehicles and trailers are required when the gross vehicle mass exceeds 2000kg.

We offer a number of different braking systems to suit every requirement:
  • Hydraulic override brakes;​
    these work on one or two axles, for loads in excess of 2.5 Tonnes. Available in three different configurations;
          a) Drum
          b) Disc
          c) Patriot vented disc
  • Electric vehicle operated brakes
    for towing up to 3.5 tonne GVM. These also work on one or both axles.

Drum, Disc

For detailed information on legal requirements when towing vehicles, click here and download a PDF information booklet from NZTA website.

Are you struggling to choose which option of brakes?
Phone our toll free number 0800 464 266 today to discuss the pro's and con's.

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