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1200L Dust Suppression Trailer


1200L Dust Suppression Trailer

Need water to achieve compaction standards? Hiring water trucks and not utilising them enough to make them cost effective? Got a consent condition on your project that requires you to have a means of dust control on site at all times- even when it's not needed? Or just trying to safely transport water to site for irrigation? This could be the answer- click here to check out the video!

The trailer comes to you fully spec'd with:
  • Large 1200l water capacity on braked 1700kg GVM trailer
  • Single Axle to reduce tyre marking or disturbance on prepped surfaces
  • Electric start Honda engine
  • Remote operated spray nozzles- can be switched on and off from the driver’s seat
  • Can use 2 nozzles (10m cover) or one only (6m cover) as required
  • With both nozzles (10m cover) will drop the dust at a speed of 15-20km/h and will operate at this speed for around 7 minutes on a full tank
  • Spray nozzles can be rotated to allow spraying out the side of the trailer- ideal for irrigation
  • 30m Hose reel with adjustable nozzle for wetting tight or difficult-to-reach areas
  • 6m pick-up hose for self-filling tank from a water source on site (simply switch 2 taps and the pump will fill the tank instead of emptying, 3-4 minutes fill time from empty)
  • More cost effective to have on standby than hiring a dedicated water-cart truck, and doesn’t tie up other trucks or resources that could be used more productively
  • 5 year structural warranty!
  • Uses include:
    • Dust suppression on roading, construction and civil projects
    • Water supply to assist compaction of carparks & building sites to specification
    • Watering in or irrigating planting projects
    • Emergency irrigation for playing fields or crops
    • Water supply in remote situations (eg for concrete cutting equipment)
    • Removing and containing unwanted water (eg emptying a flooded sump or pit)

Weight specifications for this Trailer:

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) braked: 1700kg
Tare Weight: 500kg
Max Load: 1200kg

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